This is the sequel to the excellent The Silence of the Girls. The second book continues the story of Queen Briseis who had been held a captive slave by the Greeks since the sacking of her own city and the murder of her husband.

Briseis status has changed since the death of Achilles, to whom she had been given as a prize. Before his death Achilles had secured the promise of his friend and comrade  Alcimus that he would wed Briseis.

Now in a more privileged position though still a mere woman and of little consequence, she sets out to help the women of the camp who, like herself had become slaves to the Greek army camped outside the besieged city of Troy. This story is about the women, it is savage and brutal in parts, but is also about friendship, bravery and sisterhood as the women try to overcome what has happened to them, their families and their cities and try to carve out a new existence for themselves. Book 3 coming soon.

Highly recommend you read The Silence of The Girls