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16th November 2020

Jasper Rees & Jane Wymar in conversation


Date:16/11/2020 7.30pm start

Venue:At Home


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What to Expect:
Jasper Rees in conversation with British actress Jane Wymar

We are thrilled to announce this UK event with Jasper Rees and actress Jane Wymar.

Jane Wymark is a British actress, best known for her roles on the BBC drama Poldark and the television series Midsomer Murders

Wood's career was one of the most illustrious and wide-ranging in British comedy, and it was a great sadness that, when she died in 2016 at the age of 62, she had not yet got around to telling her own remarkable life story.

'I will do it one day,' she told journalist and author Jasper Rees, who interviewed her more than anyone else. 'It would be about my childhood, about my first few years in showbusiness, which were really interesting and would make a really nice story.'

Now Jasper Rees will finally tell her rich story in full. He has been given complete and exclusive access to Victoria's extensive archive of personal and professional material, and has conducted interviews with her family, friends and collaborators - including Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Dawn French and many others.

Jasper Rees is an arts journalist and author who has written for the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and, which he co-founded.

Jane Wymar and Victoria Wood met in 1971 at Birmingham University and were friends for the rest of Victoria’s life. They never worked together but were in constant touch and, more than anything, the thing they had in common was that they were both avid readers. They also corresponded frequently, by letter, then fax, then email, and Jane donated this vast stash to Jasper when he was working on LET’S DO IT. It made all the difference, enabling Jasper to know so much more about Victoria at the key moments in her life when she was working on As Seen on TV, touring as a stand-up and making dinnerladies.

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