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Kate Humble in conversation 11th Dec 7pm

What to expect

11/12/2023 7:00 pm

Kate Humble has a knack for sharing her own journey towards a more pleasing and purposeful life in a way that inspires readers, enables them to reassess their own lives and helps them achieve their personal goals. Having encouraged readers to reconnect with nature in Thinking on My Feet and simplify their lifestyles in A Year of Living Simply, she turns now to reimagining whatever we consider ‘home’ – examining her own experiences and expectations, ideals and memories, and considering the views of others living uniquely, extraordinarily, happily. She’s gaining insights from some unexpected quarters – including the animal kingdom.

As our time spent in office buildings and other traditional workplaces shrinks forevermore, feeling happy, healthy, productive and content in our homes (be they castles or caravans, flat-shares or farms, fixed or temporary, inner city/out of town/beyond) is more important to get right than ever before. Where the Hearth Is will resonate with all those seeking to make the most of their lives during the many hours we all spend at home – whether it’s a case of tiny adjustments while staying put, moving out, living differently or dreaming of building something new.

Kate Humble had what she describes as a ‘proper childhood’ – building camps, racing snails, climbing trees, interspersed with trips to A&E to patch up things when they broke. At the neighbouring farm she learnt to ride horses and developed a lifelong passion for mucking out.

Always a keen traveller, Kate’s first travel article was published by ‘The Telegraph’. That same year she got her first job at the BBC as a researcher before moving into presenting. Kate has been presenting programmes and writing articles and books for the last twenty years.

Kate’s working farm has recently featured on Channel 5’s Escape to the Farm.

Venue Information

Linghams bookshop, 248 Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral CH60 7SG


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